Create the World's only Inclusive Metaverse with Door Labs.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Metaverse

Web 1.0 and 2.0 were not developed with inclusivity in mind. Inclusivity was an afterthought. Web 3.0 needs to be different.

That is why we at Door Labs are dedicated to creating an inclusive metaverse* and use Web 3.0 to accelerate positive social changes. 

*An inclusive metaverse is a virtual world in which all abilities, colors, and genders are represented and celebrated.


Why Inclusive Metaverse matters now

"Often, online and offline events tack accessibility on at the end like an afterthought"
- Kunho Kim, CEO of Door Labs 
   @ an interview with Think with Google


Door Labs is a proud sponsor and partner of

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Wheel Cards project is the world's first collection of wheelchair- and disability-related NFTs. It consists of 10,000 "Rollie" Digital Cards (NFT) — unique digital collectibles living on various blockchains. Within 4 days of launch, users across 24 countries input wheelchair-accessible information on Google Maps to get Rollie NFTs. This was Door Lab's first project, demonstrating that NFTs can be used by users to bring real social changes.

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Wheel Games

With Wheel Cards “Rollie” NFTs, owners will be able to play various earn-to-play blockchain wheelchair sports games such as wheelchair racing and wheelchair basketball game, with many more to come. This will be the world's first blockchain-based wheelchair sports game.

Coming Soon
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Partnering with the Korea Paralympic Committee, Door Labs is creating the world's first Paralympics NFTs to raise awareness about Paralympic sports. South Korea is a symbolic place for the Paralympics as the 1988 Seoul Olympics was the first time we saw the “modern” Paralympics with the Olympics and Paralympics held together. With Door Labs, you can now own a piece of Paralympic history and contribute to creating a more inclusive world digitally.

We venture with people who dare to create a more equitable world. 

We are backed by early investors of KabamBig Hit Entertainment (the parent company of global K-pop sensation BTS), Tantan (China's Tinder), and Blind ​(the anonymous professional network app that Silicon Valley loves).